Way of the Reaching Grasp

Notes from Bando: I thought I had been uploading and just forgetting about me doing it for the past 2 weeks, but yesterday I learned something; no, I haven't been. I'm terribly sorry! Here's a rubbery monk, enjoy! This subclass has a PDF! Way of the Reaching Grasp Through manipulating your bones to stretch and bend like rubber, … Continue reading Way of the Reaching Grasp


Rune Knight

Notes from Bando: Happy birthday, Bando's Homebrew! As celebration for the 1-year birthday of the blog, I, as well as a few others in the discord I'm usually in, fixed up one of the oldest subclasses, the Burning Knight, and made it focus more on runes and such, instead of just fire. Special thanks to Silverbass, … Continue reading Rune Knight


Notes from Bando: This is a really old ranger subclass I made sometime in 2017, and reduxed a day or two ago, as someone I knew was interested in playing it.  This subclass has a PDF! Apothecary Rangers of the apothecary conclave are alchemists and herbalists, crafting tinctures, potions, and other concoctions of medicinal and volatile natures. … Continue reading Apothecary