Path of the Symbiote

Notes from Bando: After many, many months, I've returned! My setting is fairly complete at this point, but still has a lot more work that I need to put into it before I'm going to actually release it.  Anyways, that's actually unrelated to this subclass; this symbiote path is inspired by Greed from FMA:B, Venom, Carnage, … Continue reading Path of the Symbiote


Where I’ve Been & Future of the Blog

Hey, everyone. I'm not dead, I swear! I really should've made this sooner, but, I've been very focused on some big projects. I know not a lot of people really use my blog regularly--though I've still met some who do enjoy my work, and I appreciate that--but I figure I should still talk about some … Continue reading Where I’ve Been & Future of the Blog